2nd (but really the first) blog post

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I’m not deleting the first blog post because my friend Kimberly wrote it and it makes me feel good.  Today I also feel good because tomorrow C4’s Triage exhibition opens and I have 3 pieces in that show.  Woot!  I don’t love art openings so much, I get nervous at them, but I’m working on that.  Face your fears, get on that horse, etc.
So, here I go, watch me go…
I’m also thinking about a new series.  Have you guys seen that Sprint commercial where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell honor Jenna’s Facebook activity?
Makes me laugh EVERY TIME:

So, I’m thinking about honoring some Facebook activity in my own way.  More to come on that, it’s gonna be great 🙂
Also, this:

I think Louis CK is maybe my spirit animal.  This pretty much sums it all up, he’s right about kids and phones, and phones, and the big forever empty, and Bruce Springsteen.  I’m working on building my ability to be myself and not be doing something, to just sit there.  It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.  This has something to do with the Facebook series I’m about to do, because I’m after a pause.  We need more pauses, I think.  I hate pauses.  Those pauses in conversations, where you’re both quiet for a minute.  Those make me uncomfortable.  There’s something there worth exploring…
“The sadness is poetic.  You’re lucky to live sad moments… but your body has like, antibodies, that come rushing in to meet the sadness, and so I was grateful to feel sad and I was met with profound happiness.  It was such a trip…”  -Louis CK


  1. Vene
    January 24, 2014

    I love your second (but really your first) post. The Facebook series is definitely worth exploring. The pause angle is very intriguing. And thanks for posting that Louis CK clip. I feel I should watch this every day. I don’t want my antibodies getting backed up. Congrats again on the work and the website. Looks great.

  2. nell ruby
    January 24, 2014

    I love this!


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